"Apnea" special contact lenses

The "Apnea" contact lens is the synthesis of a collaboration between the CIBA Vision team (of which I was a member) and the great deep sea divers - those from the recent past such as Mayorca and Mayol and also the many-time world champion, Umberto Pelizzari.

Over the last few years CIBA Vision has no longer been interested in this sort of joint project.

With the experience acquired I have been able to continue the production of lenses, which are still used by some of the most famous deep sea divers.

The main characteristic of "Apnea" lenses is that they allow for


good vision whether in the water or out of it. In fact due to the tiny central lens of 200 dioptres, the fall in the eye/s acuity when it is immersed in an element with an optical density similar to that of the human cornea is balanced out.

This lens, being very small indeed (about 2mm) does not cover all the field of vision, thus allowing for focussed vision across the uncovered area when out of the water.

Those interested in acquiring "Apnea" lenses can contact me by telephone or better, via e mail, filling in the appropriate FORM.


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